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Property Management Services

RBI Property Management is a full-service property management company for asset managers and owners of houses, condominiums, and multifamily buildings.

Marketing & Leasing:

marketing and leasing property managementThe ease or difficulty of our job depends most on the tenants we bring to your property. That is why renting to quality, qualified, and respectful tenants is so important. We consider it our most important task. But before that, we ascertain competitive market rents in your area. RBI Property Management utilizes a robust and comprehensive on-line marketing program that is certain to reach our desired tenants. When appropriate and allowed by local jurisdictions and HOA rules, eye catching signs and banners are also affixed on the property itself. A record of calls of prospective residents is kept and follow-up calls and or emails are made to prospective residents. 

Applications and screening are all done on-line with results received in as little as two hours. The ease of applying has increased the number of applications and processing time. Once the application is carefully screened and approved, the resident signs a lease that has many safeguards for owners and complies with all local and state laws.

On-going Management:

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Rent Collection
Rent Collection, maintenance, Emergency Services, RBI Property Management is very firm about rent collections. Rents are due on the first and considered late on the second. Late fees are charged and if necessary legal action is taken to ensure proper payment. This enables us to deliver to you, the owner, your rent proceeds well before the industry standards.


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Realty Brokers has the resources to address the myriad of maintenance issues that arise at a property. We use a variety of independent contractors that give the property both quality work at reasonable prices and a quick turnaround. Residents can easily make a maintenance request through our website, where they will receive an emailed confirmation as well as a follow up email a week later. In addition, they can always call our office during business hours or call our 24-hour emergency line for off hour emergencies.


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Our detailed financial reports are posted every day on our website exclusively for clients for no extra charge. Simply login through our website and see everything updated daily. Full reports are also available by email on demand. The most popular and comprehensive report is the Owner Statement detail which begins with an Income Statement and lists all account cash flows for the time period selected. In all, property owners have on demand access to 21 defined Financial, Rental, and Task reports 24/7.


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Customer Service
Our philosophy on customer service is simple. Treat others as we would be treated. This is our guiding principal in all aspects of our business. When determining our management fees, scheduling appointments with customers, and determining lease terms there is always that basic thread.
As long as we do our best to treat others as we would want to be treated in that same circumstance, we feel confident, we are doing our best. We see our relationship with owners, tenants, vendors, and co-workers as a partnership.
Walking that fine line between all parties isn’t always easy, at times deposits must be retained, contracts must be enforced, late fees applied, homes flood, parts need to be ordered. People at times may get upset. But we do our very best to make sure everyone knows the rules and when there is a disagreement, we maintain respect for all involved.


Seattle Landlords

It's important to keep up with Seattle's rapidly changing rental rules.

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