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Property Management Fees

At RBI we keep it simple. Our fee structure in broken out into two parts the leasing fee and the ongoing management fee.

Single Family & Individual Condominiums:

property management feesTo get a clear understanding of our fees, it is also important to know what we don't charge because, let's face it, nobody likes to be nickel and dimed.

That is not our style.

Leasing: One month's rent
    Initial Property Inspection
    Recommendations Regarding Improvements
    Pricing Strategy
    Expansive Marketing Program
    Tenant Showings
    Comprehensive Screenings
    Lease Negotiation
    Completion of Concise Property Condition Report
    Collect Funds & Deliver Keys

Ongoing Managagement 8% of revenue received
    Timely Rent Collection
    Repairs & Maintenance Coordination
    Tenant Relations and Service
    Comprehensive Interior & Exterior Inspections
    Negotiate Lease Renewals & Rent Increases
    Facilitate Tenant Turn Overs
    Timely Disbursement of Financial Statements & Funds

      What Others Charge (but we don't)
        Them: Renewal fee up to One month's rent. Us: Zero
        Them: Reporting fees $50+. Us: Zero
        Them: Setup fees: $150+ Us: Zero


          multi-family property management seattle

          4-10 Unit
          Leasing fee of 50% of one month's rent. Ongoing management fee of 6%



          10-20 Unit
          Leasing fee: 25% of one month's rent and an ongoing management fee of 8%


          20-60 Unit
          Buildings of 20 to 60 units have an on-site resident manager who handles the leasing and general cleaning. Their compensation is based on the number of units in the building and varies between a partial rent credit to a rent and salary. This resident manager compensation is in addition to the general management fee of 6%


          Over 60 Units
          Communities with more than 60 units have an on-site sales and customer support team. The staffing level is based on the overall revenue with performance bonuses built in. This is in addition to the general management fee of 5%



          What People are Saying...

          Tristan B
            When I first started searching for a new property manager, I sent out emails to several people/companies and I was called me back within 30 minutes, late on a Friday afternoon nonetheless. In terms of being a good property manager, responsiveness and good communication are some of the top things to look for and they are really good about that. They handled transferring everything from my old management company and has even taken care of a couple of issues with my property since then that I'm sure would have taken the old company forever to deal with and cost me $$$. The rent payments even end up in my bank account faster than with the old management company!
          Steve S
            Great to work with Always professional, focused and bottom-line oriented. Good people skills too. They did an excellent job marketing the Maxwell. I would not hesitate to hire them again to market another community.
          Kerry N
            Led the charge during a most difficult time, displaying great creativity and persistence. Proven trustworthy and able.

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