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Considering A Property Manager Change?

Many people worry about a property manager change if they have a tenant in the property. Changing your property manager does not change the existing tenancy agreement between you and your current tenant.

Smooth, Easy, No Hassle Management Transfer

property management feesRBI Property Management notifies the tenant with all the important details. Furthermore, after having spoken to yourself and the tenant, we determine if an inspection is required urgently or if the previous routine inspection date is suitable. As the landlord, you can be assured that the RBI Property Management team will take care of the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the changeover in addition to the tenant liaison. We facilitate the Security Deposit transfer and review of current file, keys and documentation from the previous manager.

From your tenants' perspective, there is minimal impact when you change property manager. Our team contacts your tenant both in writing and by telephone to advise of the change. We ensure they have updated account details to pay their rent (and any additional expenses such as water usage) and contact details for our team if they encounter any issues during their tenancy. This consequently leads to a seamless, simple and effective transition.  

Steps to take when making a change

Review your contract
    Many contracts state they are on an annual basis or renewed annually but can be terminated with a 30-day notice.
Contact us early
    There is no need for there to be any lapse in management from the time your agreement is terminated and when we come on board.
Send the termination in writing or per your agreement
    Generally, when a company receives notice of termination, they accept the situation and want to move on as quickly as possible. The usually work with us for a seamless transition.
Final Reports
    Along with your termination notice, request a year to date compilation of Owner Statements and a Cashflow Detail report. Also instruct (give permission) for them to send copies of the complete tenant files to us. We will transfer all the information into our system at no cost to you.
Informing the Tenants
    We will inform the tenants of the management change on your behalf. We will also set up a time to meet with each of the tenants if they are interested.

What People are Saying...

Tristan B
    When I first started searching for a new property manager, I sent out emails to several people/companies and I was called me back within 30 minutes, late on a Friday afternoon nonetheless. In terms of being a good property manager, responsiveness and good communication are some of the top things to look for and they are really good about that. They handled transferring everything from my old management company and has even taken care of a couple of issues with my property since then that I'm sure would have taken the old company forever to deal with and cost me $$$. The rent payments even end up in my bank account faster than with the old management company!
Steve S
    Great to work with Always professional, focused and bottom-line oriented. Good people skills too. They did an excellent job marketing the Maxwell. I would not hesitate to hire them again to market another community.
Kerry N
    Led the charge during a most difficult time, displaying great creativity and persistence. Proven trustworthy and able.

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